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Oriboxi™  origami boxes  are handmade works of art, designed for collecting, giving, and gracious living. Your friends and family will be delighted and amazed when they receive these rare and beautiful items. For years, NYC origami artist and designer Paul Klenk’s friends, family and private clients have collected his work, always pleased to receive the next box. Today, these treasures can be yours.

Oriboxi make splendid gifts and favors. They are a tangible expression of love, friendship, and romance, perfectly suited for weddings, engagements, impromptu giving and many other occasions.

Would you like to discuss wedding favor gifts, a unique artistic display, custom sizes, or something personal just for you? Special orders are what Oriboxi is all about! Let’s start designing something special together!

Recent designs (click to enlarge)
About the photo...
Clockwise from back left, see a pale brown peony porcelain pattern on white paper, combined with thin tissue containing real leaves and other botanicals; a hexagonal box in orange and white natural fiber papers, silk-screened in red ink in Nepal; a square box constructed of handmade paper containing real embroidery (see the flowers?) plus Chiyogami paper with an historic Japanese woodcut, silk-screened with vibrant red and orange dyes made from persimmons and soy bean juice; and two contrasting Italian prints in green leaves, birds, and vintage Parisian stamps and postmarks, on finely milled paper.

These boxes are lovely, each made of 8 to 12 pieces of exquisite decorative paper (and no adhesives).

Also pictured is the outfit that drove the women wild at Saturday’s Hell Gate Social event, Maneuver unLTD.: Funky hat (purple plaid), bow tie (brown, blue and green foulard) and shirt (brown and blue paisley). Yes, I know how to tie a bow tie!


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